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FF CUSTOMS & LOGISTICS LTD - 6 Russell Road, | IP11 2BD Felixstowe | Phone: +44 7388631948

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FF CUSTOMS LOGISTICS will take care of your needs and guide you efficiently through the requirements of customs procedures. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience, speed up the process and avoid mistakes during it. They are based in Felixstowe, UK but you cancooperate with them remotely. It makes everything easier and even faster. They accept document scans electronically. It means that the driver does not have to come to the FF CUSTOMS & LOGISTICS LTD office. Everything for clients!

Brexit Customs agents

Custom clearance is much more difficult after Brexit. Customs agents will make everything easier!The event directly affected the obligations and formalities to be completed.Due to the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union, Europeans entities trading with the United Kingdom become importers or exporters, trading with the "third country". Itrefers to any country outside the European Union and outside its economic structures. ContactFF CUSTOMS & LOGISTICS LTD and be calm about your business.

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