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Benefico. PHU. Szczodrowski D. - Jeziory Wielkie 2B | 63-020 Zaniemyƛl | Phone: +48 661 925 625

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The online shop - - offers a vast collection of historically accurate replicas of firearms and edged weaponry. The products are manufactured from materials of the highest quality to ensure their durability and impressive appearance. Moreover, to ensure their customers have a way to display their collection, the company offers a variety of hooks, hangers, framed exhibitions and many more. Some of the items are produced on demand, which is why the delivery may take longer in specific cases.

STG 44

For people wanting to become the owners of a weapon considered the very first modern assault riffle in history, prepared an interesting offer. The online shop sells a STG 44 replica, which bares a striking resemblance to the firearm it is inspired by. Created in Nazi Germany, has been used in later conflicts, like the Korean or Iraq wars, as well as in the contemporary Syrian Civil War. The STG 44 replica is equipped with a detachable magazine and a belt to make it feel even more like the original model.

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