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ExhaustDirect24 is an online shop with a wide variety of elements of car exhaust systems. Its offer is directed at owners of new and older vehicles of all brands and types. They sell components made from solid and reliable materials at truly competitive prices. Exhaust system is one of the most important installations in cars, because it is responsible for redirecting the created gases away from the passengers and the rest of the vehicle. Customers are going to find there catalytic converters, exhaust pipes, diesel particulate filters and other parts.

Reactive catalytic converter

A catalytic converter is used as a way to remove some of the toxic substances from the gas released during the engine's work. Its highly reactive structure and surface are going to transform dangerous hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen and oxygen. The ceramic beads or the honeycomb are located in a metal package, which resembles a muffler connected with an exhaust pipe. The shop offers a wide variety of catalytic converters to help the customers in finding the right one for their car.

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