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Optical discs production

Printmasta - Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 19/18 | 02-561 Warszawa | Phone: +48 48602102158

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Printmasta is a company from the capital city of Poland, which offers some of the best CD manufacturing services on the market. Their prices are convenient, while the prepared product is characterised by its high quality. Besides replicating the discs in chosen quantities, the company also takes care of the packaging. The client can simply send over the artwork and his preferences concerning the type of box, and Printmasta is going to prepare adequate wrappings. Additional information concerning the topic can be found on their website.

Professional CD manufacturing

The company specialises in complex CD manufacturing, but they also take care of duplicating or replicating DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. Depending on the order's quantity, they are going to choose the most profitable option. The products are prepared in Poland, however they can be send to any of the countries on the continent and to the Isles without any problems. Amongst the biggest advantages of working with these specialists are their superior prices and the systematic contact with the client concerning the stage of order completion.

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