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Lovter - Lipowa 3 | 30-702 Kraków | Phone: +48 504 455 825

Range of activity: is a journal about bio fire - a solution created to reduce the emission of toxic substances to the atmosphere. The fuel needed for its ignition is ethanol which does not produce smoke nor ash during its combustion. People who want to protect the environment, but also those who want to enjoy an easy to maintain fireplace are going to absolutely love these products. The posts on the website talk about the many types and designs available, the effectiveness of this fuel, but also show some of the most visually pleasing home arrangements.

Switching to bio fire

Clients who want to enjoy this innovation do not have to worry about redesigning their entire heating system. Bio fire functions mostly as an additional source of warmth used a couple of times a week. The majority of fireplaces have a modern design, however Lovter shows also those which are inspired by the traditional products. The wide variety of options available will surely satisfy each customer and let him find a decoration they were after. Visiting the website is a great source of inspiration for people planning the installation of a bio fireplace.

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